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Frank Ocean can’t skate
Hodgy Beats is very protective of Tyler and has a potty mouth
The whole group loves lemonade, pizza, cinnamon sticks and mild chicken wings
Tyler does a good Michael Jackson impersonation
Earl can’t do the Dougie
The group only listens to their huge bodyguard when -and only when food comes
Now they’re Star Wars fans
Earl’s not allowed to talk to anyone outside of the group without permission from someone
They often break bones
Taco and Left Brain are actually pretty nice
Jasper Dolphin wasn’t sure why he was even there because he’s not a rapper
Tyler is the leader…of everyone
Earl’s Mom is in constant contact with Leila
Leila is constantly watching Earl
They can make a no-budget video in less than 10 minutes (and get more than 2 million views on YouTube in less than one week)
Tyler is ripped, and Taco isn’t
A few members do smoke weed
Management really believes Tyler is a “creative genius”
Syd the Kid is very quiet
Some of them are thieves (They stole some of the light sabers from the shoot and used them at a show they performed later)
Frank Ocean is down with the group, but to the side
Tyler’s a hugger
Credit to XXL magazine, and Terry Richardson

lmao the first fact. Frank can’t skate. I remember seeing that gif of him in the skate park & he fell I think ;(
the fact that i sat there and read the whole thing over and over shows i have no life ..

Frank Ocean stickers
must reblog ..